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COVID has celebrated 1 year of anniversary while the world is still grappling with a solution for COVID. In the area of plastic packaging, plastic has been a friend to mankind preventing the virus from attaching itself onto food product.

Apart from COVID, the world has been focusing on reducing carbon footprint and reducing the use of plastics even to the point of eliminating plastic from our day to day life. However, is plastic truly the enemy we thought of?

MGC will be sharing their barrier resin, MXD6 on how it can help to reduce the use of plastics in packaging thereby enabling you to reduce your carbon footprint. MGC will also share about other special resins such as Altester and Maxive for specific application.

Taking the theme of Sustainable Packaging Solutions from Mitsubishi Gas Chemical, the webinar was successfully held on Thursday, 24 June 2021, at 10.00 WIB (am/GMT+7) and was hosted by experts in the industry.


Welcome and Introductions

Lydia Citra Agustina 


Marketing Communication Executive

Energy & Manufacturing Exhibitions, PT. Pamerindo Indonesia

Tune in, sit tight, and get yourself comfortable. Hosted by PT Pamerindo Indonesia, we will introduce you to the speakers and the webinar agenda.


Albert Lim

Senior Manager

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Singapore Pte Ltd

Industry veteran with over 20 years in the polymer industry, spanning engineering plastics, optics and food and pharma packaging, with a geographical footprint spanning Middle East and Indo-Pacific region.


DR. Mas Ayu Elita Hafizah

KABID Lingkungan Hidup

Asosiasi Industri Olefin, Aromatik, dan Plastik Indonesia (INAPLAS)


  • Doctoral Program, Ph.D, Material Science Department, UI


  • R&D Manager, Product Stewardship, QMG Manager at German Chemical Industry Company > 20 years
  • Lecture at Material Science Department, FMIPA, UI (2013 – Present)

Industry View

Mr. Ryan Tan

Senior Sales Officer

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Singapore Pte Ltd

Post graduated in Polymer Chemistry, with experience in the polymer industry.

Mr. Takanori Miyabe

Technical Marketing Specialist Asia Pacific

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co. Inc.

Technical specialist in the manufacturing of polymeric packaging product, ranging from PET containers to film extrusion adn compounding.


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