– Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry Haris Munandar said dependence of imported plastic raw materials remained high. Recorded, demand for national plastic products reached 4.6 million tons and increased by 5 percent in the last five years.

“The number of plastic industries reached 925 companies that produce various plastic products and can absorb 37,327 workers,” Haris said.

Unfortunately, domestic plastic raw material producers have not been able to sufficiently in terms of quantity and product specifications. To that end, the Ministry of Industry provides facilities through the Import Duty of the Government (BMDTP) in facing the constraints of raw material fulfillment and competition against the ASEAN Economic Community.

Kemenperin also provide support and encourage the growth of the national plastic industry so as to synergize and integrated through several things, among others cooperation between stakeholders and the implementation of Indonesian National Standard (SNI).

In addition, the Ministry of Industry facilitates promotion and investment, compilation of Indonesian National Work Competency Standards (SKKNI), import trading system, and strengthening research and development (R & D). “As well as other policies that support the improvement of competitiveness so that domestic plastic products can be hosted in their own country and able to compete in the international market,” he said. [azz]